Monday, January 26th 2015
Hal On The Hot Seat: 1-30-2011
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Why Texas?

Hal Lindsey

I am very grateful for the many emails welcoming my ministry to Texas. A number of emails raised the question, "Why did I move to Texas?"

First and foremost I moved because the LORD clearly led me to move here. It was very hard for me to move from California. But God's call was clear and I had to obey. Secondly, though I loved living in California for the past forty-nine years, its government has increasingly moved toward an anti-business economic atmosphere. Texas is one of the few States left that is striving to keep a balanced budget and keep a business friendly outlook. Finally, I was born and raised in Houston. So Texas has called one of its sons back home. I believe America is headed for some hard-times. So I want to be in an area where I believe there will be the greatest opportunity to keep channels open for spreading the Gospel and being a prophetic "Watchman on the Wall."

I ask for your continued prayers. I am so grateful for the many friends I made in California. Please pray that I will be able to quickly set up a TV Studio and office facilities to enlarge the out reach of my ministry from deep in the heart of Texas.