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I have long reminded you that every step in the set-up for the last days prophetic scenario will seem reasonable, even necessary, at the time. Nothing will happen that will be preceded by the announcement that it is being done in order to set the stage or prepare the apparatus for the Antichrist. 

Here is an excellent case in point. 

Any reasonably informed person realizes that Europe, and the U.S.A. to a lesser extent, is in the midst of an unprecedented refugee crisis. With the dramatic developments in the Middle East - the Syrian civil war, the explosion of ISIS and other terrorist armies, the entrance of Russia into Syria, among other things - millions of Middle Easterners and North Africans have been displaced. 

And hundreds of thousands of them are streaming into Europe seeking protection. Many are also taking advantage of the crises to find a place on some of the European countries' generous welfare roles. Some are headed there to become agitators or, even worse, ISIS or al-Qaeda sleeper agents. 

It is beginning to wreak havoc in many of the European nations whose economies are already repressed or depressed. And the incredible influx of Muslims into these non-Muslim societies threatens to completely destroy their European and/or Christian characters. 

As a result of these pressures, and in a desperate attempt to exercise some control of the situation, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the European Union are introducing programs to "identify" each of the incoming refugees or migrants. 

They want to know who is entering their countries and have some way to keep track of their movements. That sounds reasonable, even wise. Many of the European business concerns look upon the influx of Muslims as a source of cheap labor. But many of the governments understand that this new body of residents will have a volatile effect on their societies. And some of them may pose actual, physical threats to other citizens or the governments themselves. 

So the emphasis now is upon establishing the identity of each refugee or migrant. And not just with government "papers," which can be easily forged or stolen or lost in the mad dash of the refugees to escape approaching danger. 

Their "identification" needs to be unique, secure, and unchanging. So it must be established through "biometrics." 

"Biometrics" are certain measurable physical traits unique to each individual. They include things like fingerprints, palm prints, the shape of the ear and other facial features. Biometrics include the configuration of the iris in the eyeball or 3-D modeling of the blood vessels in the hands and fingers. Each of the "identifiers" can be used with tremendous accuracy and many of them in almost real time. What's more is that they cannot be forged or duplicated. They are unmistakably unique to each person. 

The World Bank has gotten in on the action by starting a program to provide "identification" to more than 2 billion of the world's population that have no official ID. In fact, the World Bank is calling "official identification... more than the convenience; it is a fundamental human right." And who wouldn't want to have their "human right?" 

But the funny thing about refugee crises is that you never know when one is going to occur. So it's foolish to wait until the crisis happens, then scramble to make certain everyone who is fleeing has an "identity." The logical thing would be to make certain that EVERYONE has their biometric identity on record BEFORE the crisis occurs. 

Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where all of this is headed: universal biometric identification. So the world's authorities can be ready to handle the next refugee or humanitarian crisis. 

That means that the authorities need to prepare by assembling a biometric data dossier on every human being on the planet. 

Now, none of these agencies or organizations is going to announce that they are doing this to set up the apparatus the Antichrist will need to control the planet when he ascends to power. They probably don't realize it themselves. But like Caesar Augustus in the days of Jesus Christ, world leaders know that to get everyone under their control, and to be able to tax everyone, you need a detailed census. 

And today's authorities can do what Caesar could not even imagine. With biometrics, they can create the census, then electronically and immediately keep tabs on every individual... in the world. 

And it is all being driven by the fear of terrorism. Which sounds quite rational, even wise.

One more interesting thing about "biometrics." Almost everything on the list of biometric identifiers is on or near the face or the hand. The Bible says the the "mark of the beast" itself will be on the face (forehead) with some and on the hand with other. 

It's beginning to sound a lot more "prophetic," isn't it? 

Something else that is definitely "last days prophetic scenario" stuff is the dramatic increase of "lawlessness" in our world. Both individual and institutional. 

It is impossible to watch TV or read the paper without being almost overwhelmed by the evil that is flooding our world. From our kids in school to our highest government figures, the flouting of the laws of the land and the norms of society is commonplace. So much so that we are becoming desensitized to it. We've grown to accept it and many opportunists are encouraging and exploiting it. 

Jesus said that in the last days "...lawlessness will abound." (Matthew 24:12) And, boy, is it abounding exponentially! 

This all means just one thing. It's time to get ready, folks. It cannot be too long, now, before Jesus stands up and calls to His true followers, "Come up here!" 

Are you ready to go? Do you have the kind of faith that is going to keep you steadfast in these final days. 

On this week's program, I'm going to share with you some secrets about how you can have that kind of faith. The kind of faith that Moses had when he chose the rewards of heaven over the the passing pleasures of sin. 

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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