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In a single day last month, three American institutions -- the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and the Wall Street Journal -- experienced devastating computer "outages" (hacks?). Each of these represent major pillars of the U.S. economy. 

In June, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) revealed that it had been the target of a very sophisticated and protracted hack exposing the private information of millions of federal employees. Then later, OPM reported that it had suffered another computer breach. This time, stolen data on 21 million federal employees included security clearances and Social Security numbers, even fingerprints! 

Various security analysts have described the year-long cyberattack against OPM as putting our entire national security apparatus at risk. One said that it's "the digital equivalent of Pearl Harbor... an act of war." 

The Department of Energy (DOE) oversees America's nuclear weapons program. It also supervises nuclear reactor production for the U.S. Navy and radioactive waste disposal. 

Tom Pyke, the former Chief Information Officer at DOE, recently revealed that the DOE receives more than 10 million cyberattacks every day! Pyke said that "so far there is no theft of sensitive information." Then he added, "In reality, we don't know what we don't know." 


Recently, there have been public demonstrations of how computer hackers can take control of automobiles. The demonstrations included the seizing of complete control of the automobiles' internal systems, but in one, the hackers actual killed the car's engine on the highway! 

Most new cars are wirelessly connected to the internet, whether or not the owner realizes it. It's but another step toward what computer professionals call "the internet of everything." A large percentage of our new televisions and refrigerators are already part of "the internet of everything." 

Soon, whole houses will be wirelessly connected to the web. That includes everything from door locks and garage door openers to lights and window locks. They will be controllable from remote computers and smartphones. We're already seeing the television commercials! 

Manufacturers will attempt to make these systems secure. But the question isn't IF the "internet of everything" will be hacked, but, rather, when it happens, will it endanger your life or just your privacy. 

We know from Bible prophecy that in the last days, just a few people will control the world. They, in turn, will be controlled by the Antichrist. Common sense tells us that the only way that can happen is if the world is completely interlinked. That is happening before our eyes. 

We are well on our way to that day when one man will be able to determine who buys, sells, holds a job, even qualifies for health care! 

Folks, this is not going to get better. Christians will be increasingly affected by this right up until the Rapture. That means that we need to wisely be aware of these vulnerabilities and take steps to lessen their impact on us. 

It also means that we need to begin placing our trust, more and more, in the saving and keeping power of the Holy Spirit. God's Word promises that He will keep us until the day Jesus returns to snatch us away from the troubles that await this old world. 

Over the last few weeks, I have spent a great deal of time discussing the recent "deal" the Obama administration has made with Tehran's mad mullahs regarding their mad dash for nuclear weapons with which to attack both Israel and the U.S. If you've seen those Reports, you realize that I've not been telling you what you've heard in the mainstream media, but what you have NOT heard! Which is really the most important stuff. 

But the bad news just keeps coming! 

This week, I'm going to tell you about a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. During the hearing, Secretary of State John Kerry and Ernest Moniz, Secretary of the Department of Energy (the aforementioned DOE) revealed what we already knew, but were loathe to admit: we are being led by either dumb clucks or devious men of the highest caliber. 

Both Kerry and Moniz admitted that they had not -- and probably no one in the entire U.S. government has, either -- read the side agreements made between the unhinged Ayatollahs and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 

Why is this important, you ask? Well, first, apparently no one in our federal government bothers to read any legislation anymore. Remember Nancy Pelosi's infamous Obamacare motto, "We have to pass the bill before you can find out what's in it...." or the Republicans' decision to allow no one to see the TPP legislation before it becomes law? 

Beyond that infuriating tendency, it just seems like it might be important to know what agreements have been made between the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism and the group charged with supervising Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal. 

Trust me, one of those two parties WILL lie, cheat, and steal to get its way and the other party is the IAEA! 

But, apparently, Misters Kerry and Moniz do not think those agreements are important enough for anyone in U.S. leadership to even review. Unbelievable! 

You know, I'm thinking that the conditions that allow the rise of the Antichrist and the great turmoil of the last days may not all come about simply through Satan's sheer evil manipulation. I think some of the way will be paved with the sheer stupidity, arrogance, and laziness of some of our leaders. That's just my opinion, though! 

Finally, I'm going to examine one of the most familiar stories in the New Testament. It's the account of Jesus' encounter with the rich young ruler. 

I will share with you some thoughts about this incident that perhaps you haven't considered, but should. 

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