Facing the End-Times

By Hal Lindsey
Any time we approach the end of a particularly tumultuous year, we look forward to the next year as a return to “normal.” But at this point, the old normal no longer exists. 2023 looks like a continuation of the last few years, only worse.
Sin deluges our society in countless ways. Consider this one. We live in a generation that has abandoned truth. The word now depicts an emotion. It’s about “how I feel about things,” rather than what is really so. Jesus spoke of truth as a foundation — something dependable that you can safely build on. But the people of our time portray truth as malleable. They speak of “Your truth,” and “My truth,” as different things.
But real truth does not change from person to person. Our understandings may be different, but truth is truth whether we understand it or not. People who devalue truth make themselves vulnerable to things like fake news, fraud, duplicity, hypocrisy, treachery, manipulation, cunning, guile, and just plain lying. Jesus prophesied that the last days would be a time of deception, and here we are.
Romans 1:25 speaks of a people who “exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” They turn from solid, unchangeable truth to a quicksand of lies. Verse 28 says God gives such people over to “a depraved mind.” For years I have said that a “depraved mind” means in part that they are unable to think in their own best interests.
We saw an amazing example of that on December 1st when The Atlantic ran an article headlined, “The People Cheering for Humanity’s End: A disparate group of thinkers says we should welcome our demise.” Such people are not talking about the Second Coming or Judgment Day when God will complete His program of redemption. They are talking about a sad, empty ending to everything human that ever occurred. They long for an end to great thoughts, beautiful music, laughter, and smiles. They do not resonate with joy at the sound of children playing. They hope it all ends, the sooner the better.
When respected and influential members of society openly teach such abominations, we have moved into perilous times. More than that, we are raising children in perilous times. How should we respond?
Several years ago, I wrote a book called Faith for Earth’s Final Hour.  Looking back, I believe it to be one of the most important topics I ever addressed. And friends, we need it right now!
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