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It happened before, and it could happen again: How false teachings about prophecy and biblical interpretation threaten our churches, our government, and our future.

Just as current events are converging into the precise pattern the biblical prophets predicted would herald the return of Jesus Christ, a new movement has arisen within the Evangelical Church that denies it all, allegorizing away the clear meaning of prophecy.  This movement, commonly known as Dominion Theology, reintroduces an old eror that brought catastrophe to the church and the Dark Ages to the world - the same error that founded a legacy of contempt for the jews and ultimately led to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

In clear, compelling language, Hal Lindsey sounds a vital warning about Dominion Theology - and explains why he believes it poses such a great danger not only to Israel but to every Christian as well.  M4B download.  Read by Joel Weldon.

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