Special Announcement

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters:

As you might have seen or heard, the Hal Lindsey Report has left TBN.  I am thankful for the vision God gave Paul and Jan Crouch many years ago and I miss them greatly.  The Lord anointed our collaboration and He used our work to bring many souls to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This year I will be celebrating my 90th birthday, God willing.  If you have parents or loved ones at 90 years old, you understand life becomes more challenging with health issues and the day-to-day grind.  It is through much prayer that I no longer accept speaking engagements, or travel, as I am lessening my work load.

My program will be on DAYSTAR each week and I will continue the postings on my website.  I am committed to the ministry to which God has called me for as long as the Lord gives me strength to do so.

I appreciate your prayers and support and I will be obedient to keep on bringing you the messages as God leads me.


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