Tuesday, October 21st 2014
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US Secretary of State John Kerry's claim that lack of 'progress' in the Israel-Palestinian peace process is helping fuel the rise of ISIS continues to reverberate both in Israel and the Middle East.
'God says that when any nation divides up the land of Israel, they are subject to judgement, and dividing Jerusalem is dividing the land. Our president is dead set on dividing Jerusalem. He is watching, and he will bring America into judgement.'
Sweden's military is searching its waters near Stockholm after detecting 'foreign underwater activity,' possibly a Russian submarine in distress. Russia is denying that any of its submarines are involved in the incident.
- 10/21/2014 Associated Press
- 10/21/2014 Associated Press
- 10/21/2014 Associated Press
- 10/20/2014 Guardian
- 10/17/2014 HalLindsey.com