Monday, December 22nd 2014
Program Note: 1-30-2012
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Dear viewers and supporters of "The Hal Lindsey Report": First of all, thank you for your messages of concern regarding the replay of the previous week's program in last weekend's time slots. It's gratifying to know so many of you are paying attention!

Not to worry, though. I'm not in ill health and the various networks are not censoring us. The mix-up in programming last week was simply that, a mix-up. Because of an unfortunate, but very rare computer crash and resulting software malfunction (it's never happened in the six years this program has been on the air), instead of the current edition of THLR titled "In Defense of Israel" being shipped to the various networks and stations, the previous week's program was shipped.

But you're not going to miss anything. We will broadcast "In Defense of Israel" this weekend, beginning on TBN on Friday and continuing on Daystar, Inspiration, and CPM Network on Sunday. The various independent local stations will air the new program according to their schedules.

Thanks again for your concern, patience, and prayer. As you know, I believe that for those who walk according to God's purposes, all things work together for good. I'm certain that our Lord will use this confusion to bring glory to Himself and bless our work in this world.

If you just can't wait for Friday or the weekend, the correct current program is available here.

Blessings to you,

Hal Lindsey