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The Hal Lindsey Report: 1-11-2013
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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
Almost 900 years ago, Pope Innocent II summoned the Bishop of Armagh, in what is now Northern Ireland, to come to Rome. While there, this Bishop purportedly experienced a vision in which he saw the popes from that time until the end of the Roman Catholic church. He recorded his impression of each of the remaining 112 popes in a series of cryptic phrases.

Today, Saint Malachy's vision is called "The Prophecy of the Popes." Written in 1139, it was rediscovered in the Vatican's archives in 1590.

I do not believe Saint Malachy's predictions rise to the level of the Bible's prophecies in either their detail or accuracy. However, his predictions have been remarkable in their own way and bear relevance to the times in which we live.

You see, Saint Malachy's prophecy seems to predict that the current pope, Benedict XVI, will be the next to last pope of the Roman church. After him will come a pope calledPetros Romanos, or Peter the Roman. Malachy appears to indicate that he will be the one who cooperates with the Antichrist, then will be turned upon and destroyed by the leader of the confederacy that rises out of the old Roman Empire.

When you consider the fact that Benedict XVI is almost 86 and in declining health, the world might not have to wait very long to learn if Saint Malachy's final prediction comes true.

The Book of Revelation contains what it calls many mysteries. A mystery in the Bible is something that has not been revealed by God in the past, but is made known to those who are believers and have the Spirit of God teaching them. Now, some of the most important mysteries in the Book of Revelation are found in Revelation 17.

Tune in this week and I'll discuss these Biblical prophecies and how Saint Malachy's extra-Biblical predictions may shed some light on them.

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