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The Hal Lindsey Report: 5-31-2013
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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

In 55 years of prophetic ministry, I have never uttered the words: "Israel has bombed Damascus" - until May of 2013. Three weeks ago, for the first time, Israel struck targets inside the city of Damascus. The airstrikes were part of an effort to keep missiles and chemical weapons out of the hands of two groups: Hezbollah, who is fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and al-Qaeda, who is leading the fight against him.

Why is this important? Because the prophet Isaiah predicted that in the last days Damascus would be laid waste and never inhabited again. He specified three important points in Isaiah 17. First, the entire city will become a "fallen heap of ruins." In other words, totally destroyed. Second, it will never be re-inhabited or rebuilt. Third, this destruction will happen suddenly. In fact, during the darkness of one night.

Now, when Isaiah wrote these words, the sword was probably the most advanced weapon that men wielded. The weaponry capable of laying waste to a massive city in the course of a few hours was uninvented - even unimagined.

In those times, when invaders conquered a city - and destroyed it - they usually just built a new one on the ruins. Yet this ancient prophet described an event and a result that could only be accomplished by the use of nuclear weapons - even to the fact that nuclear contamination would prevent the use of that area ever again.

As I've noted before, Damascus is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world that has never been totally destroyed. That means that Isaiah's prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. In fact, it is the only end-times prophecy - outside the ones concerning the seven-year Tribulation and its end with Christ's return to set up the millennial kingdom - that remains unfulfilled.

So why bring this up now? Well, as I said in the beginning, this month Israel's air force struck targets inside the city of Damascus. The fact that Israel was willing to take such a risk indicates the gravity of the threat. Syria has the third largest chemical weapons stockpile in the world and 100,000 missiles. That means that when Assad falls, either Hezbollah - his ally - or al Qaeda - his enemy - will gain possession of those weapons of mass destruction. And both are determined to destroy Israel.

The Israelis are determined that none of the missiles or chemical weapons Syria possesses will end up in the control of Hezbollah or al-Qaeda.

Now as daunting a challenge as this appears, it may be the lesser of Israel's worries at the moment. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad knows that he's headed for the door - one way or the other. Even most of the Arab world is standing against him. It has probably occurred to him that the only way he can hang on is if he can reverse that and rally the other Arab nations to his side.

How can he make that happen? Simple, provoke Israel into entering the war currently being waged in Syria between his government and the opposition rebels. Though the Muslim sects - Sunni, Shia, and Alawite - hate each other, they hate Israel even more. If Israel entered the war, then Assad reckons that most of the Arab and Muslim nations will rally to his side and he can hang on to power.

Saddam Hussein tried that in the 1991 Gulf War by hurling 39 SCUDS at Israel, but Israel didn't bite. This time, though, Assad's weapons are infinitely more dangerous and diabolical. That's why one of Israel's generals recently warned that if Syria dares launch any of its biological or chemical weapons at Israel, they would respond with whatever it takes, even "to the edge of the spectrum," to defend themselves.

Folks, I think "...the edge of the spectrum..." implies Israel's willingness to use any means, even tactical nuclear weapons, to stop an all-out WMD assault by Syria. Tel Aviv lies only 133 miles from Damascus. Syrian missiles will reach it in mere minutes. That's how long Israel's leaders will have to respond. And they already know that to stop Syria, their response will have to be massive and final.

And we know how seriously Israel takes this threat. Seriously enough to launch airstrikes inside Damascus and risk the wrath of the world.

The bottom line is that we are at a critical juncture in this Middle East crisis - both politically and prophetically. Things could explode at any moment and we find ourselves hurtling forward in the end-times scenario.

This week, I'm going to examine this crisis. I'll show you what the prophets had to say about these days and how stunningly accurate their predictions are turning out to be. I'll also show you how Russia, our "partner" in the peace process in Syria, is strengthening Assad's resolve by arming the other side. And I'll show you how Israel's prophesied devastation of Damascus may leave them vulnerable and in need of the protection of the Antichrist.

If you are interested in the events of the "end times," you have a front row seat.

But that's not all. Also this week, I'll discuss the alarming rise in suicides in America. Did you know that for the first time in the "automobile era," more Americans now die by suicide than by traffic accidents?

Why? Well, I'm sure there are lots of reasons, but I think one of the most important may be the loss of 'hope.' Forty years ago, I wrote about what's coming for "The Terminal Generation." I followed that book with a later one titled: "Hope for the Terminal Generation."

Believe it or not, there IS hope for this generation. Paul said that "if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." But, thank God, we have more than hope in this life, we have a 'certainty' about God's promises for the future. In fact, the Bible says that if we think God has been faithful and generous to us in the past (by giving us His greatest gift when we were His enemies), just think how "much more" faithful and kind and generous He'll be now that we are His children!

And if ever there was a time when we need that certainty, it's today as we stand witness to the twilight of this Age.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey