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As the end of this Age of Grace nears, we are warned by the Apostle Paul that, "Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." (2 Timothy 3:13

I believe we are witnessing deception practiced on a grander and more pervasive scale than at any time in history. Not only is Satan, the Father of Lies, working feverishly to deceive individuals into hell, but he is working to deceive nations into following his proxy, the man of lawlessness, who will soon appear on the world stage. 

In order for this man, identified in Scripture as the Antichrist, to gain control of the world, systems and mechanisms to facilitate that control must be in place or ready to be implemented. The Bible says that he will be able to control the world's economy, even down to the point of authorizing who may buy or sell. 

That means that not only must there be the physical infrastructure to track and authorize or deny every person's economic transactions, but there must be an international or global governing system that will give him the authority to govern. 

That doesn't necessarily mean that there will be only one government in the world, but it may mean that all of the existing governments will agree to cooperate through various treaties and agreements. 

Already we have seen the rise of computer and communication systems that make it possible to track the world's populations. Even now, tiny, implantable, and trackable chips are being used by our own military and other organizations. They even have chips that can monitor and manage an individual's body systems, and they're remotely controlled. 

Throughout history, treaties between nations have created alliances and cartels for the purpose of functioning as single units. But now, we are moving into a time when those alliances -- some of which are based on secret agreements -- are beginning to play greater roles in world affairs. The European Union, The United Nations, NATO, the North American Union, CIS, OAS, BRIC, OIC, OPEC, NAFTA, and Agenda 21 are but a few of the alliances, treaties, and pacts exerting increasing global influence. 

And the reasoning behind them all is that they are created to mitigate common threats. 

Now, the world is banding together to battle the enemy that President Obama recently described as "the greatest threat our world faces": Man-made climate change. 

That's right. Global warming. Not ISIS, Islamic terrorism, Russian aggression, international drug cartels, the rogue nations nuclear club, or even another looming world-wide economic meltdown, but global warming. 

On this week's program, I'm going to scratch the surface of "The Climate Change Fraud" and show you how it is being used to consolidate the governments of the world into a coalition that may someday facilitate the rise of the Antichrist. 

I'm also going to discuss why I believe God guarantees that as long as this old earth is floating in space, there will be no man-made climate change! 

In fact, He made two very specific covenants with this earth that contradict the lies and (I believe) intentional deception that our nation's leaders and many of the world's prominent leaders, including Pope Francis, are propagating. Even many of the world's leading scientists have been sucked into this deception. Regularly, we are learning how once-reputable institutions have falsified, even invented, data to support the climate change fraud. 

Is "global warming," now repackaged as "man-made climate change," a Biblical sign of the end times? No. But the deception and the deceivers that are promoting it definitely are. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say that one of the paramount issues of our time boils down to one thing -- are you going to believe in the flawed theories of man which are motivated by all kinds of self-interests or in the clear covenants and promises of God? 

Put your trust in God's Word, not in the self-serving false pronouncements of those who want to use this manufactured deception to bring peoples and nations under the control of an elite few. To disbelieve God's declarations is to abide and abet Satan's lie that he is using to take ultimate control of this world. 

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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