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The Group of Seven (G7) met last week in Bavaria.  

Nothing much happened. Lots of bloviating about climate change. They talked about lowering carbon emissions, but gave no clue as to how they would do it. Probably because they have no clue as to how they would do it. 

They pontificated about terrorism in general and ISIS in particular and about the debt crisis in Greece. All in all, it is probably best described as one big happy photo-op and lovefest with the press. Rumor has it they even gave swag bags to the reporters covering the event. 

20 miles away, in Austria, another group met. This one had tons of heavyweights, even some heads of state. 

This one, however, didn't have any photo-ops. They had their own police force. The press was kept beyond an enforced perimeter six miles from the hotel. 

No one really knows what they talked about because they didn't release the details to the public. 

Remember that old adage about golf? "You drive for show and putt for dough." 

Well, consider the G7 "the drive" and the Bilderberg Group "the putt." 

The Bilderberg Group is a highly secretive organization founded in 1954, ostensibly to strengthen the ties between Europe and North America. It is comprised of the movers and shakers of the world: Heads of central banks, multinational corporations, media conglomerates, financial institutions, major industrial concerns, and lots of highly placed government types from around the world, with some heads of state thrown in for good measure. These are the power brokers who actually make things happen. 

Among other things, this year the Bilderberg attendees discussed how to place capital controls on average citizens. They talked about ways to realistically turn the whole world into a cashless society. 

Their ultimate goal is to be able to control the movement of money. The public argument is that it will help defeat terrorism and the drug cartels. But, more importantly, it will allow the huge banking conglomerates to control the global movement of finance. This will allow prompt emergency management in case of an economic collapse. Especially a global one. 

This will enable the proper global governing regimes to punish the nations, businesses, and individuals that step out of line. 

Whoever controls the flow of money controls the world. 

Does this not fit perfectly into the Bible's prophetic scenario? 

Back here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, the Obama administration and its Republican allies (you heard me right) were busy trying to give the President the authority to "fast track" plans to include America in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Trade in Service Agreements. 

These are binding agreements and treaties that will cede many of our sovereignty rights to shadowy "commissions," "councils," and "boards" that administer the agreements. Further, these pacts declare that the commissions can change the agreements in any way they wish, and the signatories cannot do anything about it. 

As unbelievable as that is, it gets even more bizarre. All of this pending legislation is "classified." That means that very few actually can see it.  

The bills are kept in locked rooms in the basement of the Capitol. Congressmen and Senators can only enter the rooms to read the legislation, one section at a time, by themselves. They cannot bring any staff or cell phones. If they take notes, the notes must be surrendered to security when they leave. 

A prominent, usually conservative, Republican congressman defended the secrecy this way. He said that the bill will be "declassified and made public once it's agreed to." 

These are the same guys who howled to high heaven when Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about the Obamacare legislation, "We need to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." 

In the light of Bible prophecy, I think we should expect more of this sort of thing. Specifically, look for more "global government initiatives" disguised as "trade agreements." This deception is very much in line with Bible prophecy since it effectively centralizes global governance into the hands of a few. 

Remember when ISIS was considered by President Obama to be the "JV" team? Not even good enough to be the Varsity! 

Well, the latest issue of the ISIS propaganda magazine speculates that ISIS may be in position to buy a black market nuclear weapon within a year. Already, Australian intelligence services believe they have enough nuclear material to build a "dirty bomb." 

And we know that since they control more of Syria than Bashar al-Assad does, it's more than likely that they have acquired some of his chemical weapons. 

So when can we expect ISIS to use them? They seem to be holding them for a special target. Perhaps something major in Iraq or Syria? Perhaps Israel? Maybe something in Europe or the U.S.? 

Folks, as we rush faster and faster into the final days of this Age of Grace, I'm reminded of what Habakkuk lamented, "The wicked surround the righteous; Therefore, justice comes out perverted." (Habakkuk 1:4, NASB) This will be the order of the day until Jesus Christ returns to snatch away those who have accepted His free gift of pardon. 

Accept His free gift of pardon for all your sins. The one He died on Calvary to purchase for you. Then you will be ready to escape the troubles awaiting this world when He returns for His true believers. 

Do it today. 

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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