Ezekiel’s View on the Middle East Crisis - 3 CDs

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Disc One

God’s Promises of Restoration to His People (Ezekiel 28 & 34)

God Tells Who Israel’s Enemies Will Be (Ezekiel 35)

God Will Judge Those Who Go Against His People (Ezekiel 35:11)

The Koran Contradicts Several Key Verses of the Bible

Muhammad Was a Genius in Spreading Islam

An Overview of Ezekiel 36-39

“And they will Know that I Am Lord . . .”

Disc Two

God’s Proclamation to Those Against His Land (Ezekiel 36)

The History of the Land of Israel

The Truth About the State of Palestine

What’s the Value of Prophecy?

Summation of Ezekiel 37

God’s Purpose for the Tribulation (Ezekiel 38)

Disc Three

Gog, Magog & Their Allies (Ezekiel 38)

Russia’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Prophetic Timetable of Ezekiel 38

The Russian Led Conspiracy Goes into Action

God’s Plan of the Final Battles

Q & A: Where Does America Stand in Prophecy?

Q & A: When Will People Be Asked to Take the 666 Mark?

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