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Of all Paul's writings, his letter to the Churches of Galatia most clearly and powerfully defines the liberating power of God's grace through faith alone. It reveals how God never gave the Law as way of salvation, but rather to drive mankind to despair of ever being good enough by his own human efforts to be acceptable to a Holy God. He explains in vivid terms what James 2:10 teaches, For whoever keeps the whole Law, yet offends in one point, has become guilty of all.

Mankind is born congenitally blind to the fact that he can never be good enough by his own works to be acceptable to God. Paul then teaches us the one way we can be received into a relationship with God ‑ GRACE. Grace is something that you can never deserve or earn. The second you try to earn it, you cannot have it.

I learned while in Seminary this definition of GRACE ‑ God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Jesus purchased a pardon for every sin we will ever commit and gives it to us when we accept the pardon as a gift by grace through faith alone. Faith is the one thing we can do and not do anything meritorious. We are simply receiving the finished works of Christ for us.

GRACE is a truth that is very difficult for mankind to live by because of his continuing inherent resistance to the fact that he cannot do anything to earn God's acceptance. Galatians teaches powerfully how the Holy Spirit can give us victory and liberation over the old sin nature (called the flesh) moment by moment as we depend upon the indwelling Spirit by grace through faith.The Galatians went astray from this true Gospel and Paul had to rebuke them and bring them back to living by grace through faith. This is the only way we can live a joyous and powerful life serving Christ. Throughout Church history, there have always been Christian teachers that have reverted back to living by the law, seeking to ensnare believers by getting them to seek to please God by their good works. Grace and works are mutually exclusive. They cannot be mixed. But as we depend moment by moment upon the Holy Spirit, He guides and empowers us to do works pleasing to our LORD.

I assure you that this series of studies on Galatians will lead you into a whole new experience of serving Our LORD. It did that for me.

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