Romans Series - 48 CDs

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THE BOOK OF ROMANS is the Apostle Paul’s greatest work. This is why it is placed first among his 13 epistles in the New Testament. While the four Gospels present the words and works of Jesus Christ fulfilling the Age of law, Romans explains how we are saved and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. He explains beautifully how we are saved by grace through faith forever the moment that we believe in Christ for salvation. Then he explains in chapters 6 how the Holy Spirit indwells us permanently and empowers our daily faith to live for Christ. Paul explains in chapters 7 & 8 how we still have an old sin nature, but that we have been given a new spiritual nature by the new birth that always desires to grow in Christ through depending upon the indwelling Holy Spirit. He explains how a civil war between the Old and New natures takes place in us until we learn to depend upon the Holy Spirit to enable us to reject the desires of the Old nature. Chapters 9-11 explains how Israel’s discipline resulted in the salvation of the Gentiles, and how they are yet to come back in the salvation of all the many believers. The rest is a great application of things the Holy Spirit will work in them to do as they grow spiritually.

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