Garden of Evil

By Hal Lindsey
On his third day in office, Manhattan’s new District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, instructed his staff to stop the prosecutions of many serious crimes. They will no longer prosecute people for resisting arrest, prostitution, theft of services, or most instances of trespassing. Where he can, the new District Attorney is downgrading crimes like armed robbery from felonies to mere misdemeanors. That means people using a gun to commit robbery will, in some cases, be back on the streets without ever seeing the inside of a jail cell.
These changes, he said, will “make us safer.”
Imagine a James Bond-style master villain with practically unlimited resources. Let’s say this villain wants a global police state. That’s a tall order. Our villain will have to move strategically. So, he starts with the world’s most influential nation — the United States.
How would one go about turning a free nation into a police state? When you think about it, the answer is obvious. Inundate that nation with the seeds of lawlessness, then water those seeds. Encourage the weeds of crime while removing good and fruitful plants. Get rid of things like order and justice. Open the prisons. Make arrests meaningless. Reward evil and penalize good. Carefully nurture a garden of evil.
This, in turn, will make life so miserable for ordinary citizens that they will not only tolerate more government reach into their lives, they will demand it! The villain’s goal is to make them want peace and safety at all costs. That’s where Manhattan, Los Angeles, and other major jurisdictions across the United States are headed.
This country has chosen to embrace and even celebrate all kinds of sin and debauchery. Unless the US turns from this wickedness, it will fall. And that fall will devastate democracies everywhere. On our way down, the villain (in this case, Satan himself) plans to use American dysfunction to bring ever-increasing chaos to the whole planet.
The Bible describes these two seemingly contradictory things both coming true in the last days — lawlessness and a police state. In Matthew, chapters 24 and 25, Jesus gives a discourse on the time leading up to His return. In Matthew 24:12, He said, “Lawlessness will abound.” [NKJV] 
Revelation 13 describes global government control so complete that people will be required to worship its leader. It describes a control mechanism so strict that people will not be able to buy or sell without government approval in the form of the mark of the beast. The technology enabling that level of economic control has only recently been developed and is just now coming into use. To enforce such draconian rules will take a surveillance state backed by a police state.
How could people ever put up with such changes? Fear. And a big part of that fear will be the fear of lawlessness. People are beginning to hear the chaos of the streets pounding on the doors of their homes. More and more are afraid to go out. They fear every random sound in the night. As this gets worse, they will demand police protection at any cost, including the cost of their freedoms. In the long run, defunding police and failure to prosecute criminals will mean an increase in both police power and in government control. 
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