UN Sanctioned Antisemitism

By Hal Lindsey
The world’s war on Jews continues to grow in intensity and in brazenness. From college campuses to the United Nations, people no longer hide their bigotry against Jews. Now they’re proud of it.
Many of those working toward Israel’s demise say they are not anti-Semites. They say you can be anti-Israel without being anti-Jew. But when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially proclaims that Israel has no historic link to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, there can be no doubt. That age-old hobgoblin of the world — antisemitism — has roared back to life!
On Tuesday in Paris, the UNESCO executive board approved a resolution denying any historical Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. I wrote about this in April when UNESCO first floated the idea, but who would have thought it would get this far?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall is like saying that China has no connection to the Great Wall of China or that Egypt has no connection to the Pyramids.”
U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, “We are deeply concerned about these kinds of recurring, politicized resolutions that do nothing to advance constructive results on the ground.”
CNN belittled Israel’s complaint as a “spat.” But it was a big enough spat that Israel has now cut off all ties to UNESCO.
Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO, said, “We won’t negotiate and we won’t take part in these ugly games. There is no place for these games in UNESCO. This noble organization was established to preserve history, not to rewrite it.”
UNESCO’s own website says, “Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity.”
Do they even see Jews as a part of “humanity”? How can they pretend that Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount, and say that their goal is “humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity”?
USECO says its job is the “protection of heritage.” Yet they deny three thousand years of Jewish heritage. The resolution never refers to the site as “the Temple Mount.” It doesn’t mention the historical Jewish Temples built there. UNESCO refers to it only as “al-Haram al-Sharif,” Arabic for “the Noble Sanctuary.”
For the Temple Mount to be exclusively Muslim, as UNESCO says, the temples could never have existed there. Even the Western Wall, sometimes called the “Wailing Wall,” is depicted in the report as wholly Muslim.
Secular history, Bible history, and archeology all give overwhelming testimony to the existence of these great temples in this specific location. This is not just a matter of Jewish heritage, but also Christian. Jesus taught in the Temple, and had important things to say about it.
When Muslim authorities did restoration work inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, they tore out and threw away lumber that scientists confirm are of the right age and type to have been used in the first Temple — the one built by Solomon. For most of human history, wood from previous construction was reused. These beams had been used in Solomon’s temple, reused in the second temple, kept during Herod’s renovations, used again in Catholic churches built on the site, and finally used by the Muslims in building Al-Aqsa.
When Muslim authorities built an underground mosque on this land that they claim to hold as holy, they threw away and in some cases destroyed thousands of artifacts from at least as far back as the second temple. Instead of treating the site with care as Jewish, Christian, and even atheistic archeologists would have done, they used jackhammers and bulldozers. They hauled off truckloads of dirt filled with smashed artifacts. They dumped it as trash.
Muslims say a horse named “Buraq” once flew the Prophet Mohammed to the “Seventh Heaven,” using the Temple Mount as his launch pad. The UNESCO resolution accepts this without question. But they deny the three-thousand-year history of Israel’s connection to the mount.
I am stunned by the brazenness of UNESCO’s campaign to eradicate any Jewish connection to the land of their fathers. The world is proceeding down a dark path.
We can take comfort from the fact that these things were foretold in God’s Word. And those same remarkable prophecies also tell us that, in the end, goodness, truth, justice, and mercy will all win.
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