Spasms of Evil

By Hal Lindsey
On September 16th, in Palmdale, California, authorities say a man drove up beside a marked Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department patrol car, then shot and killed the deputy inside. The murder took place just feet away from the Palmdale Sheriff’s station. A suspect was arrested and pled not guilty by reason of insanity. Meeting the legal definition of insanity is not easy, but from a layman’s point of view, this act sure seems insane. Yet it’s not unusual, not anymore.
In Florida, a video shows a high school football player ripping off a fallen opponent’s helmet, and then beating him over the head with it. The victim’s medical reports remain private, but witnesses say that after the brutal attack, he showed concussion-like symptoms, including dizziness and slurred speech.
Both Republican and Democratic politicians have recently been caught in horrific lies and in actions that demean our country. My point is not to enter the political fray, so I won’t name them. My point is that even in the highest levels of government, regardless of whether they carry the label of “liberal” or “conservative,” politicians are acting in increasingly entitled, self-centered ways. And they viciously attack anyone who questions their despicable actions.
And then there are the schools. They are not just letting kids down; they are pushing them down — pushing their heads down through the dirt at their feet. Much of the media now call it a “book ban” when someone suggests we limit children’s access to pornography. The head of the American Library Association describes herself as “a Marxist lesbian.” At the Socialism 2023 conference in Chicago, she said, “Public education needs to be a site of socialist organizing.”
There have always been murders, violence, and extremism, but not in such overwhelming numbers as today. These are symptoms of a mental health crisis overwhelming America. Other symptoms include the number of people on mind-altering drugs both legal and illegal, widespread depression, rising suicide rates, and the mad quest for escapism. Despite the prevalence of social media (and partly because of it) people feel increasingly isolated and deeply lonely. Violence is becoming so commonplace that many ignore it and walk on by.
These things happen to a society that calls evil good, and good evil. 
Romans 1:18-28 describes our situation in stunning detail. It talks about suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. This is done by the refusal to acknowledge God, not even giving Him simple thanks. It speaks of worshiping nature rather than God. The terrible consequence of such actions means that our society is given over to vile passions and uncleanness.
The once-solid tower that is America, wobbles with every blow. Our children should be the happiest in the history of the world, but by every metric they are miserable. Sadness overtakes people of all ages as they circle the drain in their vain pursuit of lascivious pleasure. Like candy for breakfast, it may briefly taste good, but it does not satisfy. 
America’s problems are not America’s alone. These evils infect every nation on the face of the earth. But our story is not over. Remember Nineveh — a nation that turned to God and, instead of reaping death for its sins, received grace. And remember that as individuals and families, we can stand secure in Christ even as society crumbles around us.
Don’t lose hope or walk in despair. But understand the times. The Bible told us what these days would be like. In the study of end-times prophecy, it’s easy to look at prophesied events like an astronaut in a space station looking down on a hurricane. Living through it on the ground is a different experience. Still, we can take comfort knowing that Jesus told us about these days in advance. Keep in mind what He said in John 14:1, 3. “Let not your hearts be troubled… I will come again.”
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