The Halls of Inclusion Are Beginning to Exclude Jews

By Hal Lindsey
The world finds excuses to hate Jews. People across the globe are blaming individual Jews for Israel’s war on Hamas. Even Jews who do not support the invasion of Gaza are being blamed for it. On US college campuses, Jewish students are threatened, harassed, and no longer feel safe. Hate crime against Muslims is on the rise, but it’s even worse for Jews. The Bible says that this tendency toward Jew-hatred would get worse in the end times. And we’re seeing it right now.
You may have heard about the Williamsburg, Virginia street festival canceling a Hanukkah-related menorah lighting ceremony. After receiving criticism for the snub, festival organizers told the press that they rejected the menorah lighting because they have a policy against any kind of religious ceremony. But in an email to the rabbi who was supposed to have conducted the lighting, they said they would allow it if an Islamic group also took part. So, apparently religious expression is okay if it includes Muslims.
An event organizer explained, “We are about Peace, Love & light… don’t want to make it seem we’re choosing a side — supporting the killing/bombing of thousands of men, women & children.” But they also told the rabbi he could go on with the ceremony if he held it beneath a banner calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. That’s called taking a side.
Do you see what they did? They identified the menorah with the IDF’s military action in Gaza. They don’t just blame Israel for what they call the “killing/bombing,” but all Jews. This one snub would be almost nothing if it were alone. But people all over the world are doing what they did — blaming the suffering of Palestinians on all Jews.
In the same vein, a Maine town removed a Star of David because a local Arab American organization called it “offensive.” The town later said it was done in order to comply with the first amendment’s “establishment clause.” But you would have to be deluded to think that allowing a Star of David in a Christmas display amounts to anything like government “establishing” a state religion. The original reason is obviously the real one. The Star of David stands for Jews, and the very existence of Jews offends some in the Arab American community. Members of the KKK also find the existence of Jews offensive. But we should not base community standards on anyone’s bigotry. 
The Star of David threatens no one. It is an acknowledgement of a people and their history. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were part of that people and history. So, the Star of David is a perfectly appropriate symbol to put up as part of a Christmas display. Likewise, no one should see a menorah as a threat. People are using Israel’s war with Hamas as an excuse to hate Jews, something as common in humans and as evil as the seven deadly sins. One wonders if the woke crowd will start banning the Star of David from their “coexist” bumper stickers.
The Bible tells us to expect increasing levels of persecution for both Jews and Christians in the time leading up to the Lord’s return. It’s happening now, and it’s getting worse. Still, God’s promises remain in effect. In Luke 21:33 (NASB), Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”
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