Bedlam at the Border

By Hal Lindsey
The Bible’s description of the end times shows a world where massive waves of migration will be increasingly common.  Such upheaval will further destabilize an already unstable world.
For those of us in the United States, precursors to those end times movements of people are beginning to hit close to home.  Right now, thousands of migrants continue to mass along the Mexico-USA border.
The Department of Homeland Security says that historically only about 10% of those seeking asylum will be found eligible for it.  But it may be even lower this time because people still in the caravans have already been offered asylum by Mexico and refused it.  Refusing asylum indicates that asylum is not their main goal.
On the news, we see close-up pictures of women with children.  But in wider shots, you can see that the vast majority in the caravans are young men.  The DHS has confirmed this obvious fact.  Letting these young men into the country is problematic because of the difficulty in investigating their past.  Are they drug dealers or members of a gang?  Are they trying to get into the US in order to escape the consequences of a criminal history in their home countries?  It’s difficult to get solid information.  DHS has verified that at least 600 people in the latest caravan to arrive at the border are known criminals.  But we don’t know the total number of criminals because so many of these people cannot be properly vetted.
On November 26th, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen issued a statement regarding the violence at the San Ysidro Port of Entry just south of San Diego.  “The violence we saw at the border was entirely predictable.  This caravan, unlike previous caravans, had already entered #Mexico violently and attacked border police in two other countries.  I refuse to believe that anyone honestly maintains that attacking law enforcement with rocks and projectiles is acceptable.  It is shocking that I have to explain this, but officers can be seriously or fatally injured in such attacks.  Self-defense isn’t debatable for most law-abiding Americans.”
Before the election, the media told us that the caravans heading toward the US border were fake news — an idea drummed up by the President to scare people.  The day after the election, talking heads on CNN were telling their audience that Fox News had already dropped the caravan story.  At that very same moment on Fox News, they were discussing the increasing dangers of the caravan.
DHS says the first caravan wound up being larger than expected, with some 8,500 already gathered in Tijuana and Mexicali.  But there are other caravans on the way.  Most of the people in those caravans have been sold a bill of goods.  They’ve been lied to at every turn.  For the most part, they want to come to America for the good life.  That’s understandable, but not the same thing as a quest for asylum.
There are ways to enter the United States legally. But an assault on the border is not one of them.
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