Humanizing Babies?

By Hal Lindsey
Can you imagine a worldview that sees all (or almost all) human beings as a mistakes?  That perspective sounds so extreme, you may wonder if anyone really feels that way.  I assure you they do.
On Sunday, a group called NARAL Pro-Choice America, the nation’s oldest pro-choice group, “live-tweeted” the Super Bowl commercials.  That means after an ad ran, they would send out a tweet assessing it.  Thirty seconds of airtime on this year’s Super Bowl broadcast cost $5 million.  Not many organizations can afford that, but they could piggyback off of the public’s interest in Super Bowl commercials to get their own message out.  That’s what NARAL did.
While most of America had fun watching the game, NARAL took on the serious work of judging which ads rose high enough on the Political Correctness meter, and which ones didn’t.  As a result, the ads became something like inkblots in a “Rorschach test.”  That’s where the person tested is shown a series of inkblots and asked to give a quick impression of what he or she is seeing.
Quick reactions can be extremely telling.  To live-tweet the Super Bowl ads meant NARAL had to formulate their responses on the fly.  That kind of thing can reveal more than it’s meant to.
In a Hyundai commercial, actor and comedian Kevin Hart played an exceedingly vigilant dad.  It was over-the-top comedy — completely absurd.  As much as fathers might want to, they don’t threaten their daughters’ dates while hanging from attack helicopters.  To most viewers, it was a joke.
NARAL scolded, “Taking away your daughter’s autonomy and stalking her on a date isn't funny.”
An Audi ad featured a fictitious American astronaut from the 1960s.  He was bored and depressed until he got behind the wheel of an Audi R8 which reminded him of his early days in a spacecraft.  NARAL complained, “You couldn't find a single female astronaut to feature in your ad?”  There were no female American astronauts in the 1960s.  So, no, they couldn’t.
They slammed several companies along the way, but their real agenda showed up in a critique of Doritos.  The ad shows an expectant mother getting an ultrasound.  The technician says, “And there’s your beautiful baby.  Any day now.…”
To the chagrin of the mother, the dad is eating Doritos.  He notices that no matter which way he moves the corn chip, the child in the womb reacts by moving in that direction.  It was absurd and silly, with an ending meant to make the audience laugh by shocking them.
NARAL tweeted.  “Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.”
And there it is.  “Humanizing fetuses.”  If not human, what species does NARAL think resides in the womb?  Remember, this baby is full term.  It’s due, “Any day now.”  Yet this pro-abortion group says it is wrong to see this child as human.
Even with all the pro-abortion propaganda of recent years, more and more young people understand the truth.  New technology lets them see the unborn child with increasing clarity.  Nothing has “humanized the fetus” in the public’s mind as much as the technology that allows us to see the baby — hands, feet, face, facial expressions, and personality.  It takes a special kind of blindness to see that fetus as less than human.
Another tweet shows the underlying hatred of humanity that animates these kinds of organizations.  The NFL ran at least two commercials as a part of its “Football is Family” ad campaign.  They began with a graphic that said, “Data suggests 9 months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births.  They’re called Super Bowl Babies.”
The ads featured choirs of people born in Super Bowl winning cities nine months after their teams won the game.  It emphasized children.
NARAL said, “Super Bowl Babies?  Use protection, sports fans.”  After the second version of the ad, they tweeted, “More Super Bowl babies?!?!  Get thee an IUD!”
In other words, each of the children and young people joyfully singing in those ads were mistakes that should have been prevented or aborted.  NARAL saw each of these precious children as something that should have been murdered in the womb — with their more valuable body parts sold by Planned Parenthood, and the rest disposed of in a landfill.
Jesus said, “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones.” (Matthew 18:10 NKJV)  Abortion has become the most cruel “killing machine” of all times.  The ancient Romans frequently left their newborn babies on the trash heaps to die.  But today’s unborn children are killed in the womb as late as full term.  If you have participated in an abortion, you can repent and confess your sin and become a Christian.  But our Gracious Father God takes it very seriously.  Don’t put this off.  Bow your head and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of all your sins, and he will forgive them based on His death in our place to pay for our sins past, present and future.  Tell Him to please come into you heart and make you what He wants to do with your life.  If you have invited Him into your heart, then welcome to God’s forever family.  Seek to learn of Him and to walk with Him. 
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