Do Not Reward Evil as Good

By Hal Lindsey
Axios and certain other media outlets have recently reported that the State Department is considering recognizing Palestine as a state. There are a host of reasons why that’s a bad idea. One of the worst is this — it rewards terrorism. It rewards the very worst in human behavior.
The idea is that the United States would make this move soon after Israel’s campaign in Gaza ends — and US pressure to end the campaign is already enormous. Hamas would then be able to say to every terror group in the world, “Here’s how you get the really big concessions. Kill, mutilate, rape, burn people to death, and take lots of innocents as hostages.”
To recognize a state of Palestine in the aftermath of their October terror attacks on Israel, would encourage every rogue group on earth to follow that wicked path. It would bring chaos to this planet, the likes of which have never been seen before!
For decades, the United States has called for a two-state solution in the Holy Land. But the US has said such a solution must be predicated on negotiation among the people who live there, and that it cannot be imposed from the outside. But the present administration seems to be considering a radical change in that policy. How radical? The Biden Administration is reportedly considering imposing a new state of Palestine in a Middle East where terms and borders have not been negotiated, much less implemented. The plan is to go in the opposite direction from previous US policy and impose this “peace plan” from the outside, from far-off Washington.
The Palestinian goal has not changed from the PLO’s beginning. They want the complete annihilation of the State of Israel and the genocide of Jews around the world. They have tried to do it by sheer force, but even with the help of invading Arab armies, they have failed every time. They have now made it clear that they are willing to accomplish their goal in stages.
A key stage in that campaign is recognition of Palestine as a state by the United Nations. In 2012, they were accepted by the UN as “an observer state,” but the US has blocked the UN from giving full recognition to Palestine. 139 of the UN’s 193 member states have given full recognition to “Palestine,” a nation that has never existed in all of world history.
Some things are known by everyone in the world — known by instinct, intuition, and by experience. One is that if you reward a behavior, you will get more of it. We all know that’s true. That’s why we reward puppies with treats and give children words of praise when they do right. Real life proves this idea again and again. The ones who still think it’s a good idea to positively reward evil behavior mostly live in the ivory towers of academia and government. 
In the real world, we know that if you don’t want people to break the law, don’t reward lawbreaking. If you don’t want drug addiction, don’t reward drug use. If you don’t want people to cross your borders illegally, don’t reward attempts at illegal immigration. If you don’t want kidnapping, don’t reward kidnappers. 
And most of all — if you don’t want terrorism, don’t reward terrorist acts!
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