The UN Takes A Stand Against God

By Hal Lindsey
Late last year the United Nations passed a resolution mocking and condemning the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Their action derided the Old and New Testaments, including the clear teaching of Jesus. How did they do this? In a 90 to 30 vote with 47 abstentions, they passed a resolution calling the founding of modern Israel a “catastrophe.”
Let that soak in. God kept His promise. A nation was born in a day. He brought His people back into the land that He gave them so long ago. And the UN now chooses to commemorate that miracle as a “catastrophe.”
The Israeli news service i24News reported, “Palestinians consider the establishment of Israel and its existence to this day as the ‘Nakba’ (catastrophe in Arabic) and the world body decided to acknowledge the Palestinian version of events with the resolution.”
In 2023, Israel celebrates its 75th anniversary. By the Gregorian calendar, Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948. The official celebration in Israel will follow the Jewish calendar and go from sundown April 25th to sundown April 26th. That means we can celebrate twice — with Israel in April, then according to our calendar on May 14th. 
But the United Nations has decided that it will make the next day, May 15th, a day of lament and of calls for vengeance against Jews. That’s what happens every Nakba. That’s what Nakba is. They say that the rebirth of Israel was a “catastrophe” primarily because of what happened to the Palestinian people who left that land during those days.
They don’t mention that Israel was founded in accordance with UN resolutions. They don’t mention that tragedies such as the holocaust made it obvious that the Jews needed their own homeland. Great Britain, the holder of that land, agreed to give it Israel. They don’t mention that Arab nations fooled masses of people into going to “Palestine” just prior to 1948 by promising them land and prosperity. Neither do they say that these people were declared “refugees” even though they had not been in the land long enough to qualify for refugee status according to previous UN rules.
Today, we almost never hear that the new Israeli government pleaded with so-called “Palestinians” to stay. Those people left at the request of Arab armies that promised the refugees they could return after those armies quickly annihilated Israel — something that obviously never happened. I say “so-called Palestinians” because never in world history was there a nation of Palestine. Meanwhile, in Arab countries, Jews were being kicked out — their lands and properties were being stolen. Happily, those newly disenfranchised Jews did have one place left in the world where they could go — the new Jewish state of Israel.
Israel asked the Palestinians to stay and welcomed Jewish refugees. Muslim countries threw out the Jews and threw Palestinian refugees into massive camps, almost like prisons. They had to keep them there because to let them assimilate into their societies would be to lose the political leverage they represent. When the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) was organized in 1950, there were only 750,000 such refugees. Today that number has grown to over 5.9 million according to UNRWA. Such a number precludes any ability for a small country such as Israel to guarantee a “right of return.”
I can’t cover this subject adequately in a short article. However, in my book, The Everlasting Hatred, you will find the astonishing details. 
The real catastrophe of modern Israel’s founding is that so many Muslims could not relinquish their ancient hatred of the Jews. And on this May 15th, the United Nations will officially join them in that hatred.
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