New Target: Homeschoolers

By Hal Lindsey
The Washington Post called their long, long article “immersive reporting and narrative writing.” But it felt like a hit piece on the rapidly growing homeschool movement in the United States. Homeschoolers now have a target on their backs. The article took aim at them, and others will follow. So, if you are a part of the homeschooling community, get ready. The powers-that-be are about to do everything they can to bring you down.
The Post’s May 30, 2023, article carried the headline, “The revolt of the Christian homeschoolers.” You would think from this headline that the homeschooling movement in the United States is dying. But that’s not true. In fact, it is exploding in popularity. According to Education Week, “American families homeschooling at least one child grew from 5.4% in spring 2020 to 11.1% in fall 2021, according to a U.S. Census Bureau analysis. The number of Black families choosing to homeschool increased five-fold during that time, from 3.3% to 16.1%.”
Many factors are driving the movement. First, lots of parents are not happy with public school curricula. There seems to be ever less emphasis on the basic life skills of math, reading, and writing. This brings us to a second factor — the terrible results in public schools. They keep making “standardized” tests easier, but scores continue to go down despite easier tests. This is especially true among boys. Other parents fear for their children’s physical and mental wellbeing at public schools — many being overrun by bullies and bullying. 
There are several other factors involved, but you get the idea. I’m not saying whether parents should or should not homeschool. Every child and every family present a unique situation. But I do believe it is a brave and reasonable choice.
The elites who believe they should run everyone’s lives don’t like it. If you homeschool your children or hope to in the future, you need to be aware of a coming backlash. Elites and their friends in the media seem to be gearing up for a push to make you a pariah. The Post article made homeschoolers seem like child abusers, with nefarious motives for wanting to keep their kids away from public schools. I think you should prepare yourself for more such attacks.
Back in 1972, the Supreme Court made a crucially important ruling. In Wisconsin v. Yoder, it said that Amish parents have a right to keep their children out of public schools for religious reasons. That should mean that you have the same right, but we can expect that to be challenged in the future. We can also expect more hit pieces from the mainstream media.
The overall success of homeschooling cannot be denied. Parents willing to take on such a huge commitment should be praised. At the same time, anyone considering the move should be aware that it is a huge commitment, and there will be challenges. Still, for those who do it right, the rewards will be even greater.
The battle for the minds of our children rages on. Whether you have children, grandchildren, or none of the above, this is a matter for serious prayer and resolute action. These kids need you. Pray for them, befriend them, and encourage them in the Lord. 
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