Stuck With The Bible

By Hal Lindsey
If you are a Christian, you’re stuck with the Bible. That is your source of authority. If you choose not to believe the Bible, then why are you a Christian? Knowledge of Jesus comes primarily from scripture. Any knowledge about Him that contradicts scripture is false. We know Jesus is the Messiah and the only begotten Son of God because of Bible prophesies He fulfilled. We know who He is, what He said, and what He did because of the Bible.
That may seem obvious, but a lot of people claim to be Christians while denying that God speaks through scripture, or that He speaks at all. Among the leading candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination has been Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana. He’s young, articulate, and he speaks more about his “Christian faith” than any major candidate since George W. Bush.
He also makes the ludicrous claim that to criticize his homosexuality equals criticism of God. He said, “If it was a choice, it was a choice made way above my pay grade,” and, “What he [Vice President Mike Pence] doesn't realize is that his quarrel is with my Creator.”
There are a couple of problems here. First, the Vice President has not attacked Buttigieg’s homosexuality. The second is more basic and far more important. Mayor Pete claims to be part of the historic Christian faith founded by Jesus 2,000 years ago. But that faith is documented in the Bible. And, make no mistake, the Bible teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin. A follower of Jesus who doesn’t believe the Bible is like a farmer who doesn’t believe in dirt. 
There are numerous examples of people that reject the authority of the Bible, but claim to have special knowledge of Jesus. Madonna, the pop singer and professional vulgarian, recently said she wanted a meeting with Pope Francis in order to persuade him that Jesus is pro-abortion.
These are examples of people projecting onto Jesus their own beliefs and ideas, while ignoring our primary source of knowledge about Him. That was the problem with the “What Would Jesus Do” movement. How do you know what Jesus would do if you don’t know Him? People should ask, “What does Jesus say?” — “does” because He’s alive and His word is readily available.
If you want accurate knowledge about Jesus, look at what He said and at the Old Testament that He so often quoted. Also look at the words of the Lord’s closest followers, and the writings of people they endorsed. For instance, in 2 Peter 3:16, one of the Lord’s leading apostles, Peter, endorsed the letters of Paul as “scripture.”
Why ask what Jesus would do when you can see what His word says? Why pretend that He’s for things that His word condemns? We know about Jesus through His word. You cannot actively follow Him while rejecting what He has to say. It’s time to accept the fact that, if you’re a Christian, you’re stuck with the Bible. And that’s a good thing!
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