What Will the End Times Look Like?

By Hal Lindsey
Have you ever wondered what the end times will look like? Well… look around.
DRUGS — The Bible describes massive drug use in the end times. Today, the United States faces a drug abuse crisis of unprecedented proportions. It’s true that deaths by overdose seem to be down slightly this year. But that’s because police, paramedics, and other first responders now routinely carry a medication called naloxone, sold under the brand-name Narcan. It reverses the effects of opioids, saving countless lives. Even with that, according to the CDC, more than 70,000 Americans now die every year of opioid overdoses. And this is not just an American phenomenon. It is a worldwide problem.
ROGUE NATIONS: Russia — There have always been rogue nations, but right now two of the worst actors on the world stage represent a big part of the alliance of nations predicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Russia will lead the coalition. Today, Russia’s military budget is much smaller than that of China or the United States. But it is making up for the lack of money with the use of creativity and daring. They have had notable successes in their attempts to build superweapons. But more important for the moment, they have been able to breach computer systems of nations around the world. In just the last few days, we learned of past Russian success in breaching communications within the FBI and CIA.
ROGUE NATIONS: Iran — The other lead nation in the Ezekiel 38 coalition is Iran. That nation denies any involvement in the recent drone strike against Saudi Arabian oil facilities. But the Houthi rebels in Yemen are fully funded and directed by their fellow Shiite Muslims in Iran. Where would Houthi rebels get such sophisticated weapons? There is only one possible answer. Iran. The attack used Iranian-made drones. US officials have privately told reporters at both Fox News and ABC News that the attack was not even launched from Yemen, but from Iran. If you have watched my television programs and read my books, you know that I am highly critical of the Saudi Arabian government. But we must understand that an attack on their oil production is an attack on civilization itself — something that, for now at least, runs on oil.
ROGUE NATIONS: Other — I won’t take the time to talk about the European Union or China, whose very different quests for world supremacy both have the effect of endangering everyone. In an age of superweapons, smaller nations, such as North Korea, have also proven to be dangerous to everyone. This is perfectly in line with last days Bible prophecy.
OTHER THINGS — Class, gender, racial, religious, and other divisions threaten peace between nations and within them. World leaders continue to use extreme measures to keep the planet’s economic bubble from bursting. Terrorists around the world are at this moment plotting death and destruction. They spend their lives seeking to spread death and pain. And they have not gone away. This list could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.
Amid all this, many churches seem more interested in helping people lose weight, be entertained, or feel good about themselves than to know God through Jesus Christ, be saved, and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
I don’t mean to depress you. The Gospel is still Good News! Heaven awaits all who put their trust in Christ. As we see God’s warnings prove true, we can also rest assured that His promises remain true. The “end” in “end times” doesn’t mean the end of everything. It means the soon end of evil, pain, despair, hopelessness, etc. We can look forward to an amazing, glorious future.
In the meantime, we are on a mission for God. We need to speak the Word and live the Word! In the closing days of this age, may our efforts for Him grow bigger, better, and bolder. And may we live in the security of His promises.
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