Thursday, October 30th 2014
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was under attack by anonymous critics simply because he was defending Israel and its national security interests, but stressed that he 'cherished' Israel's alliance with the United States.
Qatar is playing a game with America. On the one hand, the regime is financing jihad, and other the other hand, it pretends to side with the West against the jihad that it is funding. This is certainly the case in Jerusalem.
In the world of elite anti-Semitism, Jews are told that truth is but a narrative. Jewish history and rights have no more merit, indeed less merit, than the lies of Jew-haters.
- 10/30/2014 FOX News
- 10/29/2014 Christian Post
- 10/29/2014 New York Times
- 10/29/2014 Washington Post
- 10/24/2014